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Credit Repair DMV gave me hope…I always wanted to fix my credit; however, I did not know where to start. In a short period of time, I was able to purchase my first home.

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Clean Up Your Past

We will work aggressively with the credit agencies and previous creditors to challenge the negative items that are hurting your credit score. We will work vigorously to make sure your credit is accurate.

Monitor Your Progress

We will monitor your progress around the clock. Our client portal will send you constant reminders of key target dates and changes. Our team can also assist you with free credit monitoring.

Helpful Resources to Repair Your Credit

With more than 100+ free credit education videos, our company is prepared and ready to set you up for financial greatness!


While cleaning up your negative marks, it's just as important to build up a rock solid credit report with healthy tradelines and activity. Our team of credit experts will guide you through this process and get you all the resources that you will need to build up a rock solid credit profile.

One Subscription Price

$99.95/ monthly

  • Unlimited items dispute
  • Customized Plan Built Specifically for each Client
  • Direct Creditor Intervention and Debt Validations
  • Identity Fraud Protection Services
  • Settlement Offers

About Us

We deliver the most professional and result-oriented credit repair service in the Greater Washington, DC area. Credit Repair isn’t a one size fit all business.

Credit Repair DMV has developed and built a system that address all of our clients’ needs. Every client is different, so every client is treated with a plan built specifically for their needs.

We are licensed and bonded in the Greater Washington, DC area to offer credit repair services. By working with Credit Repair DMV, you will be working with an A+ company to achieve your financial goals.

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